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About Us

We at Diamond Tuck are in the market of upholstery for more than 20 years providing furniture refurbishing, refinishing, re-upholstery, repair and restoring services across all the domain including domestic and commercial makeovers.
We have built our reputation undertaking tasks with absolute craftsmanship with apt skills delivering unique decor pieces that only adds value. You can reach us anytime, and we will assist you in rediscovering the vibes and aesthetics of your places by recreating your furniture with beautiful padding and designs.

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Best Re-upholstery service in Melbourne

Quality craftsmanship to create a beauty you can afford

We are your end-to-end superstore solution for all upholstery needs and furniture padding. Since we are a customer pro service store, we take utmost care in understanding their needs and comprehending furniture exactly the way they want. Be it choosing the buttons of the design or the fabric we measure and assist you knowing what fits exactly and will go well with your home, office, restaurant or business place.
What we offer for traditional upholstery solution