Oh! We make them stand on their feet again.

Furniture Repairs Melbourne

A broken arm, a twisted leg or a dented seat, we mend the functionality of the furniture back to their original state or even better. We are a call away and to the rescue for your favourite furniture, refurbishing.

That piece of furniture which is close to your heart

then why replace when we can repair?

Your household is incomplete without a piece of furniture. Eventually, it not only holds you on its seat but your emotions in its arms too. There may be many reasons where a piece of chair, sofa or dining may get damaged. The question arises to replace it or redo it. We insist on repairing.
You can trust us as we fix your broken piece of the wooden or metal entity and give you back in the full-fledged structure ready to charm your home again. We take every care from picking it from your home and to deliver it back in a safe state.

Finest Upholstery, Quality Workmanship, Reasonable Price.

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Best Re-upholstery service in Melbourne

From wear & tear to Repair & cheer!

We offer reliable and trustable repairing of furniture in Melbourne. We address every reason for the damage, be it:
Every damaged part is under our scope of mending. Our team of workers excels in every skill of repairement wherever necessary. Our resurfacing and mending techniques includes

Let's begin.!

Our Process

We take the responsibility to affix your furniture with cautious and watchful steps.

Step One

Contact us via Telephone or Email

Step Two

If you have any enquires, fill out the enquiry form on our website

Step Three

A free phone call will be made to assist and advice you on your preferable fabric and covering choices

Step Four

An inhouse visit will be made by our designers and professionals, if needed

Step Five

We provide home delivery service for installation

Step Six

We also assist in new production, repair and restoration


Your choices stand out, and all that matter to us is your satisfaction. Your feedback, opinions, follow-ups are something we look up to which encourage us to build your designs in best furniture pursuits.

On time delivery.good service

I was literally heartbroken when the antique that I had inherited from my grandpa crumbled down. I had an ocean full of emotion that I carried for that piece of furniture. I am so thankful to diamond tuck for fixing it back for me in perfect shape.
- Laura

Flexible and satisfactory service

What a dilemma it was for me when my living room sofa lost one of its legs to my jumping children. It was difficult to decide because had we been planned to replace, we would have had to sacrifice the whole set. But we wanted to take chances with repairing, and Diamond tuck came to rescue.! Oh my god, they saved a lot of money. I will always be grateful.!
- James

Quality finishing service

We got our dining chair broken and had no time to buy a new one as guests were arriving in a few hours. Diamond tuck team did a wonderful quick fix and saved us from hell lot of embarrassment.
- Priscilla