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Detailed craftsmanship, Great work

The detailed craftsmanship was extraordinary. We recently went for a renovation of our home and reupholstery had to be a part of it. The diamond truck has breathed in new life to our set of furniture. We are definitely going to follow up with them for future needs too.
- Miller James

Recommended Upholstery Services

A bit a class and sassiness is what they add to every design. The finishing touch that they bring to their work is what makes them stand out. I got a diamond button bed design from them, and it was insanely awesome.
- Sarah Johnson

Perfect Finishing, Good Customer Service

We need not had to worry about the pickup and drop thing for our furniture. It was so easy for us to get the re-upholstery done for our living room furniture. They came- sat with us- discussed our requirement- picked up from our home- got it done and delivered. How cool is that?!
- Simon

Perfect Design

I got cotton and synthetic blend fabric padding for my old ottomans to match with my living room sofas, and it came out to be so beautiful. Diamond tuck is great in quick fixes delivered in no time.
- Joy Mary

Great variety of fabric and padding

My home interior was changed, and I wanted buttoning on headed in the master bedroom to complement the decor. The attention to detail that these guys possess is worth praising. I am already following up with them to revamp all my old furniture.

Good at revamping, Great changeover

We got our restaurant shifted to a new place with a new theme. Instead of purchasing new furniture, we decided for a re-upholstery. Diamond tuck was referred to us by our friend, and we made the right choice. We so not regret buying new furniture now as the revamp ones came out to be even better.
- Jason

On time delivery.good service

I was literally heartbroken when the antique that I had inherited from my grandpa crumbled down. I had an ocean full of emotion that I carried for that piece of furniture. I am so thankful to diamond tuck for fixing it back for me in perfect shape.
- Laura

Flexible and satisfactory service

What a dilemma it was for me when my living room sofa lost one of its legs to my jumping children. It was difficult to decide because had we been planned to replace, we would have had to sacrifice the whole set. But we wanted to take chances with repairing, and Diamond tuck came to rescue.! Oh my god, they saved a lot of money. I will always be grateful.!
- James

Quality finishing service

We got our dining chair broken and had no time to buy a new one as guests were arriving in a few hours. Diamond tuck team did a wonderful quick fix and saved us from hell lot of embarrassment.
- Priscilla

Awesome colours design and fabric

Good that I didn't decide to replace my dining set. Got it restored with the help of Diamond tuck in one-fourth of the price which had to be paid if I had replaced them with a new one. By the way, they look no lesser than new ones.
- Sophia

Brilliant makeover

My guests on dinner could not recognise that the whole living room sofa set has been restored. They thought I had bought new ones. All praise to Diamond tuck who did a brilliant job giving them finishing new look and reviving touch.
- Benjamin

Very reasonable price

Diamond tuck is professional and excels in their job. I got my whole home furniture restoration done in such a reasonable price, which is much less in comparison to others in the market.
- Amelia

Perfect button designs

Diamond Tuck has comparatively huge collection of fabric to choose from. We absolutely loved the diamond button design for our daybed. We are also looking forward to doing re-upholstery for our dining chairs with them.
- Isablla

Very affordable and feasible

The pricing is very appealing. We dropped our thought to buy new furniture for our living room after knowing their cost of re-upholstery. The craftsmen are very professional and up to the mark.
- Noah William

Recommendable after service

We are availing upholstery service from Diamond tuck since long. WE are kind of their regular customers. The trust they have built is appreciable, and their work is worth praising.
- Mia Watson

Good attention to detail

Professional service, attention to detail, good quality and at point work. I am happy with their services. Diamond Tuck excels in good craftsmanship and price. I got my new restaurant booth section re-upholstered, and it's worth it.
- Elizabeth

professional and trustable team

We are a happy customer of diamond tuck and regular too as we rely on them for our office furniture up-gradation from time to time.
- Sara James

God of makeovers, spellbound!

Their fabric collection is too good to choose from. I wanted an acoustic range of coloured ones for my new bar seating. Now it looks so sassy and refreshing with all of them upholstered. I surely recommend Diamond tuck for any furniture padding and designing.
- Daniel Peter