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Upholstery Services in Caulfield

Upholstery Services in Caulfield

We at Diamond Tuck provide quality upholstery service for all range of furniture in Caulfield. You revive your piece of furniture from old to gold again. Be it upholstery, reupholstery, repairing, restoring or custom upholstery service, we cover all.
Our skilled craftsmen leave no stones unturned in turning your piece of the entity into something extraordinary worth drooling over. High-quality fabric, durable padding, custom piping and diamond buttoning are some of our unique excelled features.

Our Services

We at Diamond Tuck Upholstery provide a broad spectrum of craftsmanship to recreate your furniture to their most magnificent piece.
Our exclusive upholstery services in Caulfield include:

Re-Upholstery Services Caulfield

We are an easy re-upholstery solution for all your worn-out furniture.
We keep the padding intact with perfect piping and button designs that it looks like a new one. Why new when you can renew. Avail our variety of fabric and leather padding with latest design patterns at a reasonable price. We sincerely take your consideration into account before renewing the furniture.

Furniture Repairs Caulfield

What brokenness can’t be mended can be fixed by smart upholstery skills, and we excel in this artistry. We provide furniture repair services across Caulfield at an affordable price, merely one-fourth of what it could have cost you while buying a new one. Don’t let that piece of furniture lay unworthy in the storeroom. Bring it to us and see us recreating the flair of the sitting experience.

Furniture Restoration Caulfield

Bring the charm of your lusture-less furniture right now. You have changed your interiors, you have got worn out of the padding, you want to change the theme of your restaurant, or you have decided to shift to  a new office where old furniture does not fit in?. No worries.! forget the idea of buying new one worth not the cost. We will bring them back into new lives with our excellent upholstery restoration skills. Our re-upholstery services include re-padding, re-glueing, re-polishing of old wooden frames which gets back the shine and edge to your old entities.

Domestic Upholstery Caulfield

Of all the home accessories, furniture is the one you invest ample amount on. As days pass by, their frame and soul gets attached to the people living there. We provide upholstery skills for your newly bought wooden sofas and daybeds. We provide reupholstery services in case they get worn out, and fix the impairment in case of any damage. You can rely on us for all the easy padding and fixing amendments with your lovable piece of furniture.

Commercial Upholstery Caulfield

Your customer’s satisfaction is your unveiling, your satisfaction is our fulfilment. Grasp their attention to your restaurant or bar by antique and not so regular seating with our one of its kind upholstery solution in Caulfield. Add classiness to the office decor by the beautiful sofa and chaise lounges which we will get you done at a reasonable price with high graded material and fabric. We cover all commercial arrays across the state and available for any kind of upholstery for your business or workplace.

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Need Re-Upholsters in Caulfield?

Are you searching for upholstery service in Caulfield for domestic, commercial or custom purpose?. Avail our unparalleled craftsmanship with our skilled staffs to do upholstery, reupholstery, repairs and restoration for your furniture. Please give us a call and tell us your requirements and avail a quick quote for the upholstery services.
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