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Upholstery Services in Glen Huntly

Upholstery Services in Glen Huntly

Yes, you have come to the right place for upholstery. Our creative professional at Diamond Tuck is here to bring you something creative and unique. We stand out in making beautiful furniture padding and designs across Glen Huntly. Our fabric collection designs a variety of colours and materials help your piece of furniture to engrave out something modern and contemporary in terms of design and feel. Feel free to contact us for all your upholstery requirements.

Our Services

We at Diamond Tuck Upholstery provide a wide range of craftsmanship to recreate your furniture to their most magnificent piece.
Our exclusive upholstery services in Glen Huntly include:

Re-Upholstery Services Glen Huntly

We offer you a complete reupholster solution for repurposing your seating into comfy furniture. Be it your living room, office or hotel, choose from a wide range of Dunlop and fabric that will add elegance to your way of living.

Furniture Repairs Glen Huntly

If you are looking for an easy repair solution for your furniture in the home office or restaurant, the hotel you are in the right place. Diamond Tuck is a trusted name in Glen Huntly to provide you with all kind of upholstery services. Be it fixing a squeaky chair, peeling issues, cigarette burns, lumpy cushions, broken arm, twisted legs, we cover all.

Furniture Restoration Glen Huntly

Sagging. Colour fade, squeezed cushion are a few lost glam features for furniture. Don’t worry as we are going to fix it for you. If you are looking for precise restoration for your furniture, you are in the right place. Our professional craftsmen will help you in every way possible to bring back the lost glamour to the piece of the wooden entity in the best possible way.

Domestic Upholstery Glen Huntly

Diamond tuck is your trusted partner in Glen Huntly to fulfil all your home upholstery needs. We are here to add a little comfort and style to your living experience. If the furniture at your home is too sluggish or you want your window seating to get upholstered, you have come to the right place, We use high-grade fade-resistant fabric to restrain it from fading for outdoor furniture.

Commercial Upholstery Glen Huntly

The furniture in the lobby of your office or the sofa at the hotel lounge decides the style statement of your business and work. We provide all kind of upholstery services for all the commercial needs across all the domain. Re-evaluate the choices, consider the variants and reach us for all your furniture needs, we will work from scratch to deliver a piece that matches the intention of your workspace perfectly.

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Need Re-Upholsters in Glen Huntly?

Are you searching for upholstery service in Glen Huntly for domestic, commercial or custom purpose?. Avail our unparalleled craftsmanship with our skilled staffs to do upholstery, reupholstery, repairs and restoration for your furniture. Please give us a call and tell us your requirements and avail a quick quote for the upholstery services.

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