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Upholstery Services in Hawthorn

Upholstery Services in Hawthorn

At Diamond Tuck, our upholster are committed to carrying out smart craftsmanship and deliver outstanding work at affordable price. We ensure each piece is made with perfection and you relish the beauty of the product as much as we enjoyed making it.
We work in close-knit with high graded paddings and do not compromise with the quality of the fabric under any circumstances. We, as one of the exceptional upholstery service provider in Hawthorn, we make sure your piece of furniture comes out as a piece which gets everyone to drool over it.

Our Services

We carry out all dimension of upholstery services and specialise in the refurbishment of furniture. Our professional upholsterers in Hawthorn are highly skilled and trained as they use contemporary styles to give your furniture the best look.
Our exclusive upholstery services include

Re-Upholstery Services Hawthorn

There is no replacement to an old classic. It can always be remade due to its tough and quality existing skeletal framework. We re-upholster these traditional, vintage and modern furniture to make them look anew, which later enhance the beauty of your place.

Furniture Repairs Hawthorn

We do all kind of repairing be it a broken arm  chair, or twisted leg of the Sofa, damaged ottomans seat, worn out bottoms or scratched wooden frames. We take optimum measures to ensure more damage should not happen while picking it from your home as we work on it and deliver it back to you in sound and safe condition.

Furniture Restoration Hawthorn

We do all kind of restoration of furniture. We use high-quality Dunlop foam for good longevity of the padded sofas and ottoman. The foam is restored and memory stuffed, as it gets back to it’s original shape instantly after being pressed.

Domestic Upholstery Hawthorn

Homely furniture and seating demand a personal touch that will soothe the vibe of the home and enhance it’s personality. We do upholstery for all kind of home furniture like Sofa, grandpa chair, dining chairs, daybeds. We excel at diamond button designs which is now in trend and adds an edge to the piece of the furniture.

Commercial Upholstery Hawthorn

The fancy furniture demands sophistication and our staff is well skilled to excel in creating such masterpieces. We take on our upholstery skill to the next level to deliver your business furniture to sync well with your brand, theme and which will be worth admiring by your customers. Be it banquette chairs, office hall cushions, yard seating at hotels or professional recliners.

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Need Re-Upholsters in Hawthorn?

Your delicate furniture needs experienced and skilful hands to transform completely. We are here to help you with that; our friendly team will help you with all your queries. Please give us a call and tell us your requirements and avail a quick quote for the upholstery services.
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