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Upholstery Services in Malvern

Upholstery Services in Malvern

The identity of your furniture is incomplete without a complementary piece of upholstery that enhances it’s look. Your furniture is unfinished if it doesn’t have the right upholstery. The right kind of upholstery can turn any furniture, be it basic or antique to look luxurious.

Our highly skilled professional team is acquired with enough technical knowledge to help you make the right choice of upholstery for your furniture. We handle end- to-end upholstery services in Malvern for all kinds of furniture.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of Upholstery solutions with premium quality service and value for money.
We always tend towards bringing in new technological trends to deliver world-class designs to our customers, wherein each of our products turns out to be with robust construction, durability and long-lasting appearance.

Our exclusive upholstery services in Malvern include:

Re-Upholstery Services Malvern

We at Diamond Tuck Upholstery offer an exciting Re-Upholstery Services in Malvern. We bring a new life to your furniture with a bespoke makeover. With our vast experience in the Re-Upholstery Services in Malvern, we assure you that we provide quality craftsmanship to your worn-out furniture piece.

Furniture Repairs Malvern

If you have a piece of furniture that has been damaged and you are planning to fix it, you can definitely count on us as we provide a flawless repair service. We have more than 30 years of experience and have successfully repaired toughest and intricate pieces, we have accomplished excellent results preserving it’s originality.

Furniture Restoration Malvern

We take pride in offering professional furniture restoration in Malvern to give your furniture a fresh warm look. Our aim is to maintain the integrity of your furniture pieces while restoring its former originality. We are an experienced, highly competent staff in all aspects of antique and vintage restorations.

Domestic Upholstery Malvern

Our team is always committed to producing work that showcases the unique and intricate design of each furniture piece. We provide Domestic Upholstery services in Malvern, ensuring that each work is carried out to perfection, and pay exclusive attention to even the tiniest of details to ensure you love your new or revamped pieces.

Commercial Upholstery Malvern

We have a wide range of Upholstery materials like leather, fabrics, commercial fabrics and vinyls for you to choose from. We cater our services to restaurants, universities, hotels, pubs and much more. We have a proven track record for being able to deliver a very fast turn around time for the smallest and largest orders.

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