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Upholstery Services in Toorak

Upholstery Services in Toorak

Everyone owns furniture in their home or office and use these as the centre piece or utility be it Sofa, Lounge suits, Sofa Beds, Armchairs, Wingback Chairs, Bedheads, Ottomans or Bridge Chairs. Over a period of time, most of the furniture starts to look little worn despite maintaining it well! So, you need to reclaim these pieces with upholstery services.
We at Diamond Tuck Upholstery provide Upholstery Services in Toorak with a customised approach. We specialise in restoring modern and antique furniture by blending the elegance and fine workmanship which never goes out of style.

Our Services

We carry out all aspects of upholstery services and specialise in the refurbishment of furniture. Our professional upholsterers in Toorak are highly skilled and trained as they use contemporary styles to give your furniture the best look.
Our exclusive upholstery services in Toorak include:

Re-Upholstery Services Toorak

Whether it’s a classic antique furniture piece, Banquets, Lounge Chairs, Diamond Button or any furniture, we offer an exciting makeover to your old furniture piece. Our skilled craftsmen pay attention to detail, ensuring your furniture feels original and new.

Furniture Repairs Toorak

We at Diamond Tuck Upholstery provide superior quality furniture repairs in Toorak. We provide the various frame and furniture repairs at the most affordable price. It is sometimes not so costly to repair rather than replacing it with a new one.

Furniture Restoration Toorak

We provide a complete range of furniture restoration service in Toorak. Our highly skilled team uses a concurrence of techniques to restore your any kind of furniture. Whether it’s damaged or just looks worn and faded, we can remodel it and bring it back to life.

Domestic Upholstery Toorak

Our team at Diamond Tuck Upholstery, Toorak has a vast experience in Domestic Upholstery services. We pride ourselves in providing the premium quality services to make your old furniture look just like a brand new one. We are dedicated to create the finest furniture piece that portrays the unique intricate design of each of them.

Commercial Upholstery Toorak

Being in the commercial upholstery in Toorak for more than 30 years our craftsmen are well proficient and experienced to handle the toughest of the upholstery works consigned to them. Our high-quality upholstery services have repeatedly been praised and recognised by various designers.

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